Services for Pilot Training Organisations

We can assist pilot training organisations to put in place management systems in accordance with the relevant European regulations (e.g. Commission Regulations (EU) 1178/2011). We can also assist with applications for ATO approval and provide expertise to develop EASA-compliant syllabi and courseware for all types of initial and advanced pilot training.

  • Implementation of a management system in compliance with the European aircrew regulation (see how to manage an ATO application);
  • Managing an application to EASA for ATO Approval (for pilot-training companies located outside the Member States (see the EASA ATO approval process);
  • Managing applications for ‘alternative means of compliance’ (AltMoCs) if the existing requirements don’t suit your operations (see regulations for air operations and aircrew training in Europe);
  • Conduct of safety and compliance audits for internal compliance monitoring or external collaboration.
  • Course design for traditional and competence-based training programmes (for example MPL);

Our consultants have experience as managers in industry and as regulators. Contact us for more information.