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Are you ready for an NCC Audit?

Since 2016 private aircraft operators in Europe have had to comply with regulations for the ‘non-commercial operation of complex motor-powered aircraft’. As well as ramp checks the European Aviation Authorities are now conducting inspections and audits of these operators at their operating bases.

What type of simulator do you need?

Modern fixed-base simulators provide the necessary ‘fidelity’ to accommodate a lot of training that is currently delivered on full flight simulators at a fraction of the cost. Taking advantage of this could save a significant proportion of an operator’s annual training budget.

Is SMS working for your business?

5 questions to check if you’re wasting resources on safety management: 1. Can you identify the safety management function within your organisation? If you can identify the part of your organisation that deals with safety management then you’re probably doing it wrong. Managing safety should be integral… Read More