About Us

McKechnie Aviation was founded in 2015 to support aircraft operators, pilot-training companies and national aviation authorities. We specialise in consultancy, training and auditing.

Andrew McKechnie (Director)

Andrew McKechnieAndrew McKechnie is an expert in Air Operations, Pilot Training and Management Systems for Aviation.

Andrew spent 17 years as a pilot for British Airways where he operated B-ATP, B737, B757, B767 and B777 aircraft. As a ‘Training Captain’ on the B737 Andrew and trained and checked fellow pilots.

After leaving full-time flying Andrew worked for the UK Civil Aviation Authority as a Flight Operations and Training Inspector. Andrew was responsible for the certification and oversight of numerous aircraft operators and conducted inspections on aircraft ranging from a Cessna 172 to a B747-400. During his time with the CAA Andrew was seconded to the Republic of Mauritius as Flight Operations Inspector and advisor to the Director of Civil Aviation. After returning to the UK Andrew was appointed as Chief Training Officer for a multi-national group of pilot-training companies.

Immediately before starting McKechnie Aviation Andrew was working for the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). As ‘Standardisation Team Leader’ his duties involved inspecting the national aviation authorities of the Member States, drafting requirements for pilot training and the approval and oversight of pilot-training organisations (‘ATOs’) based outside the EU. Andrew continues to work as a consultant to EASA for the development of regulations for Air Operations and Pilot Training.

Andrew is a type rating instructor/examiner (B737), a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and holds a Master’s degree (MBA) from the University of Sussex.

Jo Gillespie (Director)

Jo Gillespie is a pilot by profession with over 30 years of flying experience in a variety of military and commercial enterprises. Most recently he was a captain, instructor and Vice President of Flight Safety with Emirates in Dubai, where he spent 17 years in total.  Since 2010, Jo has been putting his experience and expertise to use delivering consultancy, training and guidance to a wide range of aviation industry businesses, together with others in insurance, law, health care and business consultancy.  He has appeared as an expert witness in flight operations and safety in the high courts of England and elsewhere in Europe.  Perhaps the most successful and productive element of his recent work has been embedding in companies at senior management/executive level to engineer cultural change in the development of safety and compliance functions, along with aspects of business continuity to improve corporate resilience.  This is the best way to influence culture; from the top down and the inside out. Jo provides training in subjects as diverse as aircraft upset prevention and recovery (UPRT), evidence based training (EBT) programmes, organisational culture and air accident investigation.

Muhidin Hodzic (Barnes)  (Ground Operations Consultant)

Muhidin started his career working for handling agents at Dubrovnik and Luton airports. He joined Britannia Airways (now Thomson) gaining further knowledge of airline’s operations, crewing and commercial departments.  He was responsible for managing a wide range of projects including the annual Hajj pilgrimage and leasing of aircraft from EU to other countries around the world.

His expertise covers Crew Management, Flight Operations, Passenger Handling, Operations Control Centre Management, Dispatch and Planning.

Most recently he worked as Ground Operations and Security Manager (Post Holder) for a VIP charter airline. Muhidin brings with him a wealth of aviation knowledge.

Peter Hogston (Safety and Operations Consultant)

Peter delivers organisational Safety Management and Compliance Monitoring support to all areas of the aviation industry. Peter supports the effective implementation of EASA requirements working with National Aviation Authorities and Commercial Air Transport organisations throughout Europe and the Middle East, his client portfolio includes training delivery on Safety Management with EASA. He is able to demonstrate effective, individual, support for executives and senior managers planning to take up nominated person positions within a given management structure or strategic leadership at boardroom level to maximise the opportunities offered by current regulations. With a background in training, rotary wing and fixed wing operations including change management Peter provides, cross function, focused practical advice. 

Partnerships and Consultants

In order to deliver our services McKechnie Aviation cooperates with other consultancies and including The Dangerous Goods Office, TEASAS and Use Before Flight. We also have access to a small number of well qualified consultants with expertise in air operations, pilot-training, safety management and regulatory oversight.


McKechnie Aviation is based close to Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom. This gives us great access to flights to Europe and the world. We are available to provide consultancy services worldwide.