Management Systems for Aviation


McKechnie Aviation

McKechnie Aviation exists to support pilot training organisations, aircraft operators and national aviation authorities to develop their management systems including people, policies, processes and documentation. We believe that compliance with regulations shouldn’t be a burden to a business; a well-run organisation can comply with regulations, achieve a high level of safety and be commercially successful all at the same time. McKechnie Aviation exists to help organisations do this.

McKechnie Aviation was established at the start of 2015 and clients already include major airlines, pilot-training companies, business aircraft operators and national aviation authorities. We’ve helped these businesses by providing training, conducting internal and external audits, supporting start-up operations and developing new regulations.

The purpose of the website is to help you to understand the regulatory requirements for air operations and the qualification of aircrew. If you need practical assistance to make the regulations work for your business then please get in touch. Our team understand flying, training, business and regulations. We’re based near to Gatwick Airport in the UK and are available to provide advice and consultancy services worldwide. We’ll use our expertise to help you develop solutions matched to the nature and complexity of your specific organisation.